(PROOF ADDED) How To Transfer Trust Wallet to Paytm

(PROOF ADDED) How To Transfer Trust Wallet to Paytm ?

How To Transfer Trust Wallet to Paytm

Hello KT members we are back with another trick
In this post I will explain how to to withdraw trust wallet coin
Or Twt token

What is trust wallet?

Trust WALLET is a multi function crypto wallet which can connect to Decentralised Exchanges (DEX wallet) allowing you to buy bitcoin/buy cryptocurrencies easily within the crypto wallet, connecting to decentralised exchanges like Kyber DEX and Binance DEX makes it easy to trade crypto and stable coins across decentralised exchanges (DEX wallet) whilst staying in full control of your private keys on your Android device. User will now be able to earn staking rewards for supported crypto POS tokens (Proof of Stake) within their portfolio by using the on-wallet staking features

How to withdraw ??

Currently trust wallet is listed on these 5 trusted sites

1. hoo.com

2. www.mxc.com

3. www.hotbit.io/rate

4 . Biki 

5.  https://m.bilaxy.com/ 

Now follow these steps to withdraw :-

 Open any one from THESE 5 websites

I suggest hoo.com 

open hoo.com App

. Create your account and

. Now click on Assests option and go to

. Now search Twt in balance option

. And Click on receive option
COPY twt address

Now open trust wallet app 

How To Transfer Trust Wallet to Paytm
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Now Click on Trust wallet option


How To Transfer Trust Wallet to Paytm

After that click on send option

Now Copy Twt wallet address from hoo.com

And paste it in trust wallet 

How To Transfer Trust Wallet to Paytm

Important – To Transfer Twt token you must need BNB ( binance )

You can buy from wazirx or from your friends or just comment here I will provide 

After transfer in hoo.com

  Click on trading
And transfer your Twt token in trading

Now click on trading option on home page
And sell your Twt token in TWT/USDT

Now Buy Btc using that USDT

Follow these steps :- How to transfer Bitcoin In paytm

First Sign up On Local bitcoin

Link- https://localbitcoins.com

signup in LocalBitcoins website  accept terms and condition and verify your number.

Now In localbitcoins click on Wallet then select Receieve Bitcoins you get a virtual address from local bitcoins

 Now open Your BTC Wallet
 now Transfer your BTC to local btc account, via Virtual adress.

Now Click on wallet and receive bitcoins at localbitcoins.com

Now come back to homepage in LocalBitcoins and select option Quick sell and input how much amount you want to sell and select option paytm or Bank account now you will see those people who are buying bitcoins in paytm and click sell option to sell

after you select sell option it will ask your phone number input the details and send your trade request

now start chatting and send your paytm number carefully, you will receieve your money with in 30 mins .

Most important don’t click on release bitcoin button untill you get your money.

How To Transfer Trust Wallet to Paytm

Finally after your get your money click on release bitcoin

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